October 28, 2016

Chill Vibes


When I received a call from my good girlfriend wanting me to head out to happy hour at one of our favorite bars Wooster's, I could say no! Wooster's has chill vibes in a dope setting. It was a nice day in the H, sun's out with a slight breeze, my kinda day here in Houston. I didn't want to do the absolute most just to head to the bar so I kept it simple and cute! Went to the back of my closet and pulled out some items that wouldn't require much brain power. I found this white oversized tee I got from Target a few months back, but you can find a basic tee anywhere. Depending on the look you're going for would determine what size you need to buy. This shirt originally is not off the shoulder I just pulled it down that way. This shirt is a bit see through so I wore biker shorts which also gave me an option to wear my shirt as a dress or top. Threw on my favorite vest , some booties with socks to create some fall vibes. I choose to wear my tan fur clutch because it was the perfect size and right color to tie everything together! & just like that I was out the door!
Mood| Chill Cute

Vest| Gap (Similar)
Socks| Steve Madden
 Bag| Shopfashiondollface
Biker Shorts| Forever21

October 27, 2016

Flava In Ya Ear...

Shopping is on the agenda today so cute flat boots is a must. I picked up these boots about a year ago at Forever 21. To be honest Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores for basics & pieces I can upgrade at an affordable price. To give the illusion that my boots are a bit higher I wore thigh high socks I picked up from Urban Outfitters, but you can find socks anywhere. My focus pieces were my oh so amazing faux fur bag from Shop Fashion Dollface & my olive jacket I got a year ago from Lilly's Kloset. I thought it would be dope to pair this tie dye shirt from Urban Outfitters because I though the blues complimented each other and went perfect with my jacket. I threw on this white slip just to tie my outfit together and give my behind some extra coverage! ;) 

Mood| Dope

Shirt|Urban Outfitters (Similar) 

Layering Season

Tis the season for me to slay all things layered!!!! So it's no secret I'm infatuated with layering, If I could move to Alaska I would. Ok wait not Alaska, but you get the point (LOL). It was 62 degrees in Chicago this day & to some that may be freezing! To me it was the perfect temperature to rock my fish net stocking. Adding socks was another way to tone down the notion that I wasn't wearing any pants! If ever I'm rocking tights, socks or leggings my top is ALWAYS over sized. I've found that this way for me eliminates me looking so exposed. I recently purchased the sweater & stockings from Forever21. I purchased the sweater in a large so that I could wear it as a dress. For some, especially taller folks this may not work. Keep in mind I'm 4'11' so I get away with bending the rules a bit. I paired it with this dope vintage denim jacket I thrifted a while back along with this bag I received from Lilly's Kloset. I must take a moment to get into my blue velvet booties from Steve Madden. I'm IN LOVE with them! The moment I saw them I knew we would become besties!!!! What I love about these booties is the timeless feel they give me, like I can one day see my daughter going through my closet & rocking the hell out of them! They are a little narrow at first, but they did stretch a bit considering the material. I recommend getting them stretched at the store or just wearing them around the house. Lastly, this queen like choker I got from Shop Fashion Dollface. I almost literally wear it with everything!

Mood: Pretty In Pink

Choker|Shop Fashion Dollface
Stockings|Forever21 (In Store)
Booties|Steve Madden

October 22, 2016

ChiTown Steez 🌬


This weekend I journeyed to Chicago to visit a close friend. I was so ready to get outta Houston for some fresh & cold air! I love fall & winter, my time to truly shine. My shirt is from the men's section at Urban Outfitters. I got it in a large just to make sure I didn't have any peek a boo action & could rock it as a dress with no problem. My jacket on the other hand is about 4 years old and from Zara. This jacket is LIFE & the best leather jacket I've bought thus far! If your looking for a great quality jacket that's not so expensive keep Zara in mind! My thigh high boots are from Lola Shoetique about a few weeks ago! LOVE THEM! I see myself wearing the hell outta these boots!!! My thighs & calves are on the thicker side so it's hard for me to find over the knee items so if you can relate you should be able to rock them too! I needed the right pop color to tie my outfit together and this faux fur clutch from Shop Fashion Dollface was perfect!

Mood: Savage 

Boots| Lolashoetique

September 30, 2016

The Day After...

It's the day after my birthday & I'm feeling good. I must admit I feel like quite the adult considering I woke up with no hangover, in my bed & a smile on my face. I felt so refreshed like big things are set to start happening in my life. Now I'm not that old, but I'm just saying I loved the feeling I had! I must say one thing I always loved about birthdays are everyone wanting to take you out and treat you. I was excited to head to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants El Tiempo with my best friend. I was still coming off the high of my birthday so I wanted to keep the glamour vibe, but toned down in a dope way! I wanted a fresh look that was effortless & I think I succeeded! 

Mood| Glamorous

Jacket| BigThrift
T-Shirt Dress| Forever 21
Shoes| Amazon

Birthday Fever!!!!!!

Wow!!! I have made it to another year, thank God for all of my blessings... ups & downs. When it came to my birthday this year I kept fighting with the idea if I should celebrate or not celebrate. Well this year I chose to keep it very simple. No fancy dress, no fancy dinner, no fancy idea, just me ...my jeans & a cocktail. I got this top from Zara a few months back & had no idea how or when I would wear it, but I knew I had to have it! As my birthday started getting closer & closer... multiple days of shopping & coming up with nothing I stepped into my closet in hopes something would jump out at me I'd never worn. Oooh & it did!!! Looking right at me was my Zara top I had no idea how I was going to wear, but on that day I definitely figured it out. I set off to mall again with every intent to build my outfit around that top & it was a success! I found the perfect fitting jeans from Zara also & the rest was history. I must say I really enjoyed my day, no headache...no over the top celebration that didn't go right & NO EXTRA MONEY BEING SPENT FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!! Hahahaha!

Mood| Grateful

Top| Zara
Jeans| Zara
Heels| Steve Madden (Old)
Necklace| Urban Outfitters (Old)
Jacket| Thrift

September 4, 2016

Fall Ready

Winter prep is what you see going on here! I can't even express how ready I am for winter it's ridiculous. I built my outfit around this super uber cute bag I got from Shop Fashion Dollface. This was a fun bag that I wanted to compliment without stealing its shine. My outfit pulls from the basic tones of the bag. We all know how IN LOVE I am with denim so I pulled out this top with the quickness. Now it's not because this was my only option, but more like because my guy tried it on and I loved the scent he left behind...LOL! I know I'm not the only one in the world to do this so I'm not ashamed to admit it! When I want certain items of my outfit to stand out I'll wear black or a calm color.  

Mood| Fall Ready

Top| Thrift
Shoes| Lilly's Kloset
Shirt| Urban Outfitters
Leggings| Zara

September 2, 2016

Socializing Steez

Today was a celebration because my cousin was born! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLES!!! He wanted to do something chill like getting a bunch of us together and heading to the bar. It was cool drinks, food, music & good company. It was daytime fun so I knew I didn't have to think so hard. I wanted an outfit I could move around & socialize. I got so many questions about my jeans. I'm 4'11" so girls were interested to know how they fit me as well as they did. There is no magic here, just like kissing frogs to find your prince I do the same with my pants. I have tried on my far share of ill fitting wide legs trust me...LOL! My secret is I wear the tallest mules I have. Although I found this pair at Nordstrom Rack, I have some similar looking ones from F21. Remember you can never have too many pairs of denim. My new hair caused for a cool hat, which I usually don't get to wear because of my big curly hair. I took full advantage & just like that I was ready to be seen!

Mood| Social Butterfly

Vest| Urban Outfitters (Old)
Hat| Urban Outfitters (Old)
Necklace| Zara (Old) 

August 30, 2016

Chill Status

I took a trip with my friend that needed some light packing.  I packed this shirt that was intended to be worn as a t-shirt dress, unfortunately I wasn't feeling it! Just like you not all my style ideas work, thank GOD I packed these jeans I really wasn't planning on wearing. You can't go wrong with t-shirt & jeans, but it looked a bit boring to me. So I added a shirt around my waist, but it was black & green, which yeah def didn't work. I took this denim shirt from like 4 years ago I wore the day before, wrapped it around & felt my steez come alive!
I was diggin' it! 

Mood| Travel Status

Shirt| Men's Section @ Forever21 (Old)
Jeans| H&M 
Shoes| Steve Madden

Color Happy!


 I had so much fun with this wall I wish I could post every last picture. This background gave me so much life it's cray cray! What I loved was how I was apart of the circle... On this day I went food tasting with my bestie, so you know everything needed to be loose and on the dark colored side without having to wear black. I wanted to be free as a bird & look cute doing so! I knew I wanted a fun wall to compliment my mood as well as the tie dye shirt I had on.

Mood| Fun & Free

Denim Top| Value Village
Tie Dye Shirt|  Urban Outfitters

August 20, 2016

All American Girl

My outfit was inspired my the Olympics of course!!! We are killing it this year in Rio, GO USA! So I can not take all the credit for this DOPE oversized top. Long story short I was helping my friend Dnotta become a minimalist at one point in our lives and this shirt did not fit into things to keep, considering she had so much stuff that needed to GO! I know I know how dare we consider giving this away. I came up with a brilliant plan to let me "borrow" it and store it in my closet & whenever she needed it I would give it back! We did this with a couple of things, lol. The ideas & explanations we tell our self just to keep what we KNOW we don't need is so hilarious. Anywho a whole year later I put this top to use... Because this shirt is so extra everything needed to be simple. I threw on my knee slit jeans from H&M, black accessories & kept it pushing.

Mood| Dope AF

Top| Thrifted
Jeans| H&M
Shoes| Lola Shoetique (Old)
Necklace| Shop Fashion Dollface 

August 18, 2016

Meetings & Things

The weather here in Houston has been so gloomy and rainy! Unfortunately I had things to do & a business meeting was one of them today. With the thought of getting wet I wanted to throw an outfit together I didn't mind getting damp. My cute comfy bell-bottoms and a crisp ass tee from United Colors of Benetton were fitting for the occasion. As I'm looking at my outfit I'm thinking of how you turn up the volume just a tad! This blazer I got from Value Village was perfect, with the compliment of this fly clutch from Shop Fashion Dollface. I feel confident, approachable, comfortable & ready to talk business...  

Mood| Bossy & Classy

Blazer| Value Village
Bottoms| Forever21  
Sunglasses|Shop Fashion Dollface 

August 14, 2016

Bad Ass 😎

Can we just take a moment and get into this background?! The moment I saw it I was in love with how edgy & so perfect it was for my outfit. I had a real lust moment lol!!! I woke up feeling like a bad ass, like I could conquer anything. My spirit was so high & not to mention I felt slim!! Now ladies you know what I'm talking about right?! 
When you look at yourself in the mirror and feel like all the grass, ginger & workouts you've done are finally paying off! As I was trying to find the right fit for my mood I stumbled across this dope tee I received from The Ppl Project. According to them this organization, "aims to document the day-to-day reality of everyday people and provide a voice for individuals to inspire others through their truth." It was a full length that I decided to cut it into a crop top. My skirt screamed, "WEAR ME!" I mean what's more bad ass then leather. 

Mood| Bad Ass

Skirt| Thrift (old)
Shoes| Public Desire
Handbag| Fashiondollface
Sunnies| Fashiondollface

Round The Way Girl

Cheers to the weekend & time to celebrate! This week has been a hectic one and with so little time. As I hope you know I have officially launch my eCommerce store displaying items I have personally chosen that represents my style! My outfit was pieced together from my bag, which is from Fashiondollface.com by the way. In honor of this occasion it was only right I represent, DUH!!! My bag deserved all the attention, so I kept things chill & vibrant. Pulling from the colors on my bag I slowly brought my outfit to life. I wanted to be ready for whatever the night may bring & and to say the least I definitely was! ;)  

Mood| Ready to paint the town RED

Duster| Zaful.com
Shoes| Steve Madden
Jeans & White Tee| Forever21 (old)

August 10, 2016

Sunday Funday

Catching up with an old friend is always fun especially when you were once best friends! Nothing like good food & some cocktails to get the conversation rolling on the tea going on in your life. My attire screamed "Eat all you want, drink all you want & get away with it!" LOL, now that's what I love to hear! I pulled out my rather comfortable basic cotton t-shirt dress from f21, cutesy duster & booties from Lill'y's Kloset and handbag from Fashion Dollface. Another outfit success in my opinion. Not to mention after eating, laughing & some cocktails I put my good girlfriend to work and had her take my pictures! I mean what are friends for?! Thank You Kendra Baby :) 

Mood| Flirty & Fun

Tee| Forever21 (kinda old)
Booties| Lilly's Kloest
Duster| Lilly's Kloset (Sold Out)
Handbag| Fashiondollface