August 30, 2016

Chill Status

I took a trip with my friend that needed some light packing.  I packed this shirt that was intended to be worn as a t-shirt dress, unfortunately I wasn't feeling it! Just like you not all my style ideas work, thank GOD I packed these jeans I really wasn't planning on wearing. You can't go wrong with t-shirt & jeans, but it looked a bit boring to me. So I added a shirt around my waist, but it was black & green, which yeah def didn't work. I took this denim shirt from like 4 years ago I wore the day before, wrapped it around & felt my steez come alive!
I was diggin' it! 

Mood| Travel Status

Shirt| Men's Section @ Forever21 (Old)
Jeans| H&M 
Shoes| Steve Madden

August 20, 2016

All American Girl

My outfit was inspired my the Olympics of course!!! We are killing it this year in Rio, GO USA! So I can not take all the credit for this DOPE oversized top. Long story short I was helping my friend Dnotta become a minimalist at one point in our lives and this shirt did not fit into things to keep, considering she had so much stuff that needed to GO! I know I know how dare we consider giving this away. I came up with a brilliant plan to let me "borrow" it and store it in my closet & whenever she needed it I would give it back! We did this with a couple of things, lol. The ideas & explanations we tell our self just to keep what we KNOW we don't need is so hilarious. Anywho a whole year later I put this top to use... Because this shirt is so extra everything needed to be simple. I threw on my knee slit jeans from H&M, black accessories & kept it pushing.

Mood| Dope AF

Top| Thrifted
Jeans| H&M
Shoes| Lola Shoetique (Old)
Necklace| Shop Fashion Dollface 

August 18, 2016

Meetings & Things

The weather here in Houston has been so gloomy and rainy! Unfortunately I had things to do & a business meeting was one of them today. With the thought of getting wet I wanted to throw an outfit together I didn't mind getting damp. My cute comfy bell-bottoms and a crisp ass tee from United Colors of Benetton were fitting for the occasion. As I'm looking at my outfit I'm thinking of how you turn up the volume just a tad! This blazer I got from Value Village was perfect, with the compliment of this fly clutch from Shop Fashion Dollface. I feel confident, approachable, comfortable & ready to talk business...  

Mood| Bossy & Classy

Blazer| Value Village
Bottoms| Forever21  
Sunglasses|Shop Fashion Dollface 

August 14, 2016

Bad Ass 😎

Can we just take a moment and get into this background?! The moment I saw it I was in love with how edgy & so perfect it was for my outfit. I had a real lust moment lol!!! I woke up feeling like a bad ass, like I could conquer anything. My spirit was so high & not to mention I felt slim!! Now ladies you know what I'm talking about right?! 
When you look at yourself in the mirror and feel like all the grass, ginger & workouts you've done are finally paying off! As I was trying to find the right fit for my mood I stumbled across this dope tee I received from The Ppl Project. According to them this organization, "aims to document the day-to-day reality of everyday people and provide a voice for individuals to inspire others through their truth." It was a full length that I decided to cut it into a crop top. My skirt screamed, "WEAR ME!" I mean what's more bad ass then leather. 

Mood| Bad Ass

Skirt| Thrift (old)
Shoes| Public Desire
Handbag| Fashiondollface
Sunnies| Fashiondollface

Round The Way Girl

Cheers to the weekend & time to celebrate! This week has been a hectic one and with so little time. As I hope you know I have officially launch my eCommerce store displaying items I have personally chosen that represents my style! My outfit was pieced together from my bag, which is from by the way. In honor of this occasion it was only right I represent, DUH!!! My bag deserved all the attention, so I kept things chill & vibrant. Pulling from the colors on my bag I slowly brought my outfit to life. I wanted to be ready for whatever the night may bring & and to say the least I definitely was! ;)  

Mood| Ready to paint the town RED

Shoes| Steve Madden
Jeans & White Tee| Forever21 (old)

August 10, 2016

Sunday Funday

Catching up with an old friend is always fun especially when you were once best friends! Nothing like good food & some cocktails to get the conversation rolling on the tea going on in your life. My attire screamed "Eat all you want, drink all you want & get away with it!" LOL, now that's what I love to hear! I pulled out my rather comfortable basic cotton t-shirt dress from f21, cutesy duster & booties from Lill'y's Kloset and handbag from Fashion Dollface. Another outfit success in my opinion. Not to mention after eating, laughing & some cocktails I put my good girlfriend to work and had her take my pictures! I mean what are friends for?! Thank You Kendra Baby :) 

Mood| Flirty & Fun

Tee| Forever21 (kinda old)
Booties| Lilly's Kloest
Duster| Lilly's Kloset (Sold Out)
Handbag| Fashiondollface

August 7, 2016

Flexin' No Gym

I was suppose to head to the gym to workout, but I couldn't because I needed to be at an event to support a friend. Hints my attire for the evening! I felt like being sporty with a twist & I had these fly booties I just needed to rock. I sat on my bed looked into my closet & my mind started to go to work on what I could throw together. The event was at a bar so I knew I didn't have to do too much. BOOM...BAM...I GOT IT! So there you have it my look for the evening.

Mood| Ready to mingle

Sports Bra & Bottom | Academy
Denim Top| Family Thrift
Booties| Public Desire
Necklace| Zara

August 5, 2016

Roadtrip Steez!

Today I traveled to Dallas to support my friend at her fitness competition. I had never been to one so of course I didn't know the "proper" attire for such an event. One thing I did know is sneakers was out of the question. I knew I didn't want to do the most, but I also didn't want to be super casual because I knew pictures were going to be taken & I had no clue where we would end up after her event. I love denim because you can dress them up or down. I decided to rock my perfect fitting bell bottoms from  Forever21, super comfy white tee from Nordstrom, cutesy duster from Zaful & handbag coming soon to & BAM I had the perfect outfit for my trip!

Mood: Travel Ready & Comfy

Top | Nordstrom
Bottoms | Forever21
Duster | Zaful
Handbag |