September 30, 2016

Birthday Fever!!!!!!

Wow!!! I have made it to another year, thank God for all of my blessings... ups & downs. When it came to my birthday this year I kept fighting with the idea if I should celebrate or not celebrate. Well this year I chose to keep it very simple. No fancy dress, no fancy dinner, no fancy idea, just me jeans & a cocktail. I got this top from Zara a few months back & had no idea how or when I would wear it, but I knew I had to have it! As my birthday started getting closer & closer... multiple days of shopping & coming up with nothing I stepped into my closet in hopes something would jump out at me I'd never worn. Oooh & it did!!! Looking right at me was my Zara top I had no idea how I was going to wear, but on that day I definitely figured it out. I set off to mall again with every intent to build my outfit around that top & it was a success! I found the perfect fitting jeans from Zara also & the rest was history. I must say I really enjoyed my day, no over the top celebration that didn't go right & NO EXTRA MONEY BEING SPENT FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!! Hahahaha!

Mood| Grateful

Top| Zara
Jeans| Zara
Heels| Steve Madden (Old)
Necklace| Urban Outfitters (Old)
Jacket| Thrift

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  1. Love this look! Love your blog!! Happy Belated Birthday, fellow Virgo!!