October 28, 2016

Chill Vibes


When I received a call from my good girlfriend wanting me to head out to happy hour at one of our favorite bars Wooster's, I could say no! Wooster's has chill vibes in a dope setting. It was a nice day in the H, sun's out with a slight breeze, my kinda day here in Houston. I didn't want to do the absolute most just to head to the bar so I kept it simple and cute! Went to the back of my closet and pulled out some items that wouldn't require much brain power. I found this white oversized tee I got from Target a few months back, but you can find a basic tee anywhere. Depending on the look you're going for would determine what size you need to buy. This shirt originally is not off the shoulder I just pulled it down that way. This shirt is a bit see through so I wore biker shorts which also gave me an option to wear my shirt as a dress or top. Threw on my favorite vest , some booties with socks to create some fall vibes. I choose to wear my tan fur clutch because it was the perfect size and right color to tie everything together! & just like that I was out the door!
Mood| Chill Cute

Vest| Gap (Similar)
Socks| Steve Madden
 Bag| Shopfashiondollface
Biker Shorts| Forever21

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